NTD Nordic AB

Integrated Marketing Services

to reach a global Chinese community


The Global Picture

Our vast reach provides businesses worldwide with excellent integrated marketing solutions. Although NTD Television is a Chinese language network with a satellite broadcast signal with a reach of more than 100 million viewers in Asia and mainland China, through satellite and cable, NTD actually covers three continents: North America, Europe and Asia. As a true multicultural team, we are comfortable in a fast-moving, global media environment and above all, we stand for a world with free flow of information. We work toward this goal by giving a true voice to the global Chinese community and becoming a trusted source for information and in-depth knowledge throughout the world.










Production Services

NTD Nordic is a culturally diverse team of video production professionals brought together by a shared creative vision. With decades of combined industry experience in a wide range of innovative media, from producing commercials to television shows on travel, education and culture, we excel in creating positive, uplifting content and free expression. With the growing global demand for broadcasting original, tailored and competitive content into China, we are genuinely proud of our unique access to this long-sought-after niche. In a world of china-market hyperbole, we possess the practical experience, the insight of time, and the cultural coding to make your product stand out in a newly affluent and constantly-evolving viewership.  


Tailor-Made Marketing Solutions

We offer a full creative service from idea development to scripts and storyboards to meet the challenges of the market. Yet we integrate our work with a long-term specialization in Asian market consumer research and content marketing.

To power your brand and guarantee effective market penetration, NTD is a specialty multi-channel network, which has created bespoke digital campaigns for the Chinese market for over a decade. Our Chinese language websites routinely attract hundreds of millions of visitors from the wealthiest Chinese market segments. Our unifying Data Management Platform drives revenue, efficiency and engagement with timely, accurate, and specialized audience data. 




Multiple Media Platforms

NTD is also available online, on mobile devices and over-the-top boxes, which makes NTD’s content available any time and anywhere, with multiple platforms providing clients with integrated marketing solutions.

Our vast reach provides businesses worldwide with excellent integrated marketing solutions. The Chinese market presents an extremely attractive opportunity to grow brands throughout Europe. 


Opportunities and Threats Associated with Sourcing in China

It is indisputable the Chinese market presents an extremely attractive opportunity to grow brands throughout Europe. And China has shown an incredible GDP growth since 1979. If the growth rate continues in the same speed, China is expected to overtake the US and become world number one economy around 2018.

will it really happen? And will a rising tide really lift all boats?

▸ What opportunities and threats are associated with sourcing in China?

▸ What are the secrets of bullet-proofing China sourcing?

▸ What are high performers doing compared to average performers? What's the pattern?


Constantly alert for turbulence in the China market, we help you to see beyond the macro-trends. We partner with our clients, providing comprehensive business analysis, strategy and implementation techniques on individual Chinese market segments and discrete geographical trends. In short, we offer you the support and in-depth knowledge to make your company meet the challenges of an ever-shifting market.