Church Video Production Services – Stockholm 2021

Video production in churches is growing rapidly across the world and allows the reach of large audiences, and we are here to help you create and connect in innovative ways that carry a strong impact.

With the restrictions and uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought, it is now even more important to continue to inspire congregations and keep the unity that was easily achieved through the fellowship of congregating.

NTD Nordic has been working with Gustaf Vasa kyrka for the past five years broadcasting live their annual Julkrubba every Christmas eve – a wonderful ongoing traditional event produced by and for an adoring congregation.

The Value of Tradition and Culture

One of the core values of NTD Nordic is the education and conservation of tradition and culture. Our television programs highlight ancient customs and heritage; art, philosophy, and innovations have been influencing the world allowing viewers to experience and appreciate extraordinary art, gain insight into traditions of ancient times appreciating cultural heritages in modern times.

Church activities we can help you produce, film and broadcast:

  • Live-stream sermons or spoken word
  • Broadcast music and choir sessions
  • Create stage plays as small movies
  • Film small gatherings and events
  • Produce Christian music videos
  • The creation of YouTube channels
  • Historical Church documentaries
  • Recording community sports events

The Restauration of Maria Magdalena – Documentary

Our production partners at Fenix Film recently produced a documentary covering the complete and rare restoration of the Maria Magdalena kyrka — one of the most extensive church renovations in Sweden. The result was a colorful portrayal of the full process from the perspective of three main characters: a retired and perfectionist priest with massive knowledge of our history and cultural heritage, a young female coordinator with considerable responsibilities, and the construction’s company manager.

The film was broadcast on the Swedish Television channel Axess in 2018.

Our Partnerships on Djurgarden and in Stockholm

Over the past decade NTD Nordic has produced numerous successful films for some of the biggest museums and tourist destinations in Stockholm. We are proud to have them delivered exceptional content through our exclusive access — all with a focus on the aspect of traditional heritage that we enjoy now in our modern times.

Our clients include Visit Stockholm, Vasamuseet, Skansen, Junibacken, Gröna Lund, Auktionsverk and Bukowskis to name a few.

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CONTACT US whether you need a simple live video of a sermon or musical event, or if you want a flashy video, fully mixed and mastered with special effects, we are here for you. No matter how small or how large the event is, we have the professionals that can competently take care of everything.

  • Video announcements and bumpers
  • Promotional spots
  • Graphics development
  • Audio and video editing
  • On-location shoots and support
  • Voiceover support