NTD Nordic Custom Studios, the content marketing division within NTD Nordic advertising department, crafts stories that engage consumers and elevate the conversation for brands. Together with its partners and team of award-winning editors, designers and interactive developers are all held to the high standards for which NTD Nordic is known, resulting in highly original and credible content that resonates with the client’s target audience.


NTD Nordic knows that fast turnaround retail work needs a different approach from brand advertising, and that online content needs fresh thinking. NTD Nordic Custom Studios works with its clients to design a suite of services that meet all of their image and moving image requirements, and offers a comprehensive suite of engaging solutions that can be shared across NTD Nordic platform and partner networks and/or through brand channels.


From hosted events to stylish interviews, sizzle reels to documentary style series, NTD Nordic Custom Studios’ dedicated in-house producers help bring branded stories to life through custom videos.


Conceptualization, design, branding and execution of custom print and digital ads from NTD Nordic Custom Studios’ talented team of writers, designers and developers.


NTD Nordic Custom Studio offers clients transcreation of existing content that leverages both linguistic and cultural expertise to deliver the message and brand voice to the target audience in each local market. Transcreation is at the heart of NTD Nordic Custom Studio’s English to Chinese implementation process, helping clients to deliver powerful, locally relevant advertising to the China market. Multiple language transcreation capabilities with distribution opportunities across two continents.