Miniseries |  30 min  |  Travel

Each episode is based on 6-8 Faces (interviews) & Places (locations of interest) in the region woven together by narration.

Producer: Ella Kalogritsa
Editor: Mathias Magnason
Writer: Charlie Keeling
Camera: Bilbo Lantto

Country: Sweden
Language: English/Swedish
Release Date: 2015
Filming Locations: Sweden
Production Co: NTD Nordic, Cinefa Film
Runtime: 30min
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Faces & Places is not a traditional travel program where presenters go on holiday. It is not a travelogue following someone on his or her journey. It’s a story untold.

Our journey in Sweden takes us to forest and field. River and lake. Mountain and valley. City and castle. And halls of ice…from the major sites and attractions to destinations locals wants to keep to themselves. And everywhere there are stories waiting to be told.

Each episode of Faces & Places introduces people from the region. The subjects talk straight to the audience, telling their story and the region’s. Their backstory provides the authenticity that makes the series appeal even to people from the country or region visited. We follow them in their lives.

The program visits an area of Europe every week using a purely documentary style. This is the ‘Places’ of the title, concentrating on regions of countries to be explored. The photography will offer visually stunning material of cities and countryside; our team consists of award-winning documentary film-makers.

These vignettes are woven together by the narrator in our Journey in Europe. The third-person narrator is ever-present but never intrusive.

We meet miners and adventurers, antiquarians and Sami preservationists, entrepreneurs and trail riders. Our journey starts at Luleå up in the Bay of Bothnia and takes us across a last great wilderness in Sweden’s north to the Whitefish Festival at Kukkola on the Finnish border. Our trackers and adventurers take us out into the great wilds, but we also see the settlements and church towns that pepper the landscape.

We meet improbable entrepreneurs as we visit the world-famous Ice Hotel and the people behind the Tree Hotel. Our journey starts at Luleå before we head out for Dinner on Ice in a Sami tent. We meet a lifelong elk tracker who takes us out in search of the King of the Forest. We visit the great Sami market at Jokkmokk and hear a traditional jojk. We meet Sami craftsmen and wonder at their artifacts and skill.

We meet a castle proprietor, a town horn-blower, a celebrated artist, a biologist turned food guru and several of the region’s farmers and producers. Our journey starts from regional capital, Malmö, and takes us on a tour taking in the setting for the Wallander films, the artists’ retreat known as Sweden’s Provence, and the agriculture that makes it the Garden of Sweden.

We meet an archaeologist and a head gardener, a brewer and a hotelier, an islander and mainlander. Starting from regional capital Gothenburg, we explore the unique coastline and island-life of the west coast, explore its history and finds of Viking treasure, visit a Viking great hall and one of Gothenburg’s great stately homes, and savour some of the seafood for which the region is so well known.