Issue of Debate: The Game Show

The hybrid debate/game show

Issue of Debate is a hybrid debate/game show highlighting hot issues and global treads designed specifically for online viewing and social media platforms.

Each of it’s episodes consists of two contestants that joust verbally over a decided topic. Contestants battle fierce opponents as they also battle against time. They debate to convince the other party and they also debate to engage their audiences.

Each contestant is linked to a voting system via social media. Contestants can win by topic or by audience approval. Viewers get to vote for: 1) Who’s debating skills are the best. 2) Which issue they agree with.

Issue of Debate finds a home primary in colleges and universities around the world. These are places where ideas flourish, where opinions are respected and where minds are being developed.

Public Viewing and Voting Access

Vote on favorite contestants without betraying the issues you support

Issue of Debate presents the perfect fusion of progressive energy, charisma and forward thinking. This also presents an unique way for colleges and universities to promote themselves and their academic excellence.

The show is of course open to all ages and should teachers want to battle their students or vise versa, the format of the show is highly flexible. In order for an institution to participate, a minimum of 20 participants will be paired and pitted against each other on a one-on-one battle of the wit.

With a team of production professionals looking after each contestant, everyone is guaranteed to look, sound and feel their best. Issue of Debate’s goal is to entertain and to educate.

Why Debate Is Important

Debate helps develop skills that enable and develop more engaged citizens, discuss current political and global issues, understand opposing views, make informed decisions and think critically. These skills are helpful not only in peoples’ academic lives, but also at the workplace and in society.

Students who participate in debates benefit from better grades and higher literacy scores, drop out of school less frequently, gain communication skills applicable in the workplace, develop leadership skills and think about political issues. Debating can also help people think more creatively and express themselves.

Traditionally, debating is seen as a form of verbal swordplay: very ‘win or lose’ scenario, where the winner won by convincing the other parties they were in the right or by completely undermining the opposing argument.

A well-constructed argument is the executive’s equivalent of weaving a spell. Debating in the workplace is the chance to cast the spell, improve it, or transform it into an entirely new and more powerful enchantment.

Hot Issues and Global Treads

Debate issues can be chosen or randomly or chosen by contestants themselves
There is no shortage of issues to research and debate

  • Democracy vs Communism
  • Media be controlled by the Government ?
  • Penalty be imposed on unethical advertisers ?
  • Role of Press in Misleading People
  • Should we destroy all Nuclear weapons ?
  • Is science affecting adversely the life ?
  • Domestic vs Western Culture
  • Violence as a Political Weapon
  • Science – A Blessing or a Curse?
  • Capital Punishment for mentally disabled?
  • All Superstitions are scientific?
  • Should we hang all corrupt politicians ?
  • Should we eradicate Caste System in India ?
  • Should Smoking be banned permanently?
  • Should Cell phones be allowed in Schools.
  • What age is appropriate for dating?
  • Are beauty pageants exploitive?
  • Does age matter in relationships?
  • Are we too dependent on Internet?
  • Virginity a gift to husband
  • Should animals be used for research?
  • Are cell phones dangerous?
  • Breast surgery for looking beautiful ?
  • Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?
  • Is Oscar awards are fixed ?
  • Do schools put too much pressure on kids?
  • Is the Chinese government evil ?
  • Right to Suicide
  • Are girls too mean to each other?
  • Is college admission too competitive?
  • Should American hell prisons be banned ?
  • Should the government ban twitter permanently ?
  • Western Culture Promotes Divorces
  • IBM vs Microsoft
  • Windows VS Linux Operating System
  • Doctors and Medical Ethics
  • Teacher and Student Relationships
  • Should Cloning be Legalized ?
  • Internet Privacy
  • Dress Codes in School and Colleges
  • Divide and Rule Policy is the best
  • Keeping of Guns and Weapons for self-protection
  • Separation of Church and State
  • India Vs American taxation system
  • Benefits of single sex schools