Web Series, Game Show 

Tagline: Your voice deserves to be heard.

A hybrid debate/game show designed specifically for online viewing and social media platforms.

Producer: Normann Bjorvand, Johan Samuelsson
Creator: Normann Bjorvand

Country: Sweden/Canada
Language: English
Release Date: December 2017 (CAN)
Filming Locations: Sweden, Canada, USA
Production Co: NTD Nordic AB
Runtime: 8X8min
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9


ISSUE OF DEBATE is a game show designed for the web. Each episodes consists of two contestants that hash it out verbally over a given topic. Contestants battle against fierce opponents, battling against time, for the last word, and most of all for the audiences approval!

Contestants are linked to the voting system via their social media account. To win contestants might need approval from thousands of viewers. No matter what topic the contestants defend, viewers get to vote for:

1) Who’s debating skills are the best.
2) Which issue viewers align with.


ISSUE OF DEBATE finds a home with colleges and universities around the world. These places are places where ideas flourish, where opinions are respected and where minds are being developed. This presents the perfect fusion of progressive energy, charisma and forward thinking. This also presents an unique way for colleges and universities to promote themselves and their academic excellence.

ISSUE OF DEBATE is also open to all ages and should teachers want to battle their students or vise versa, then let the games begin! To entertain and be entertained! Dynamic duos and challenging minds. In order for an institution to participate, a minimum of 20 participants will be paired and pitted against each other on a one-on-one battle of the wit.

With a team of production professionals looking after each contestant, everyone is guaranteed to look, sound and feel their best. The idea of this show is to entertain and to educate.