TV Series  |  30 min  |  Culture & Tradition

Stories of people at the forefront of a blossoming global culture, Journey to the East explores the history and impact of Asian culture on life today.

Producers: Peggy Liu, Hong Yan

Country: US
Language: English/Manderin
Release Date: 2012
Filming Locations: US, Taiwan
Production Co: NTD Nordic, NTDTV
Runtime: 30min
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Format: HD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Journey to the East seeks to introduce the traditions of ancient Chinese culture to the public, while systematically exploring contemporary China.

Journey to the East was created to improve viewers knowledge of both ancient and contemporary China, to facilitate cross-cultural understanding. For thousands of years, art, philosophy, martial arts and innovations have been influencing the world.

Through compelling stories with those at the forefront of this blossoming global culture, Journey to the East explores the history and impact of Asian culture on life today.

Episode sample descriptions:

A Toast to Tea: We visit a Taiwanese and Korean Tea Farm, and meet a Japanese Tea Ceremony hostess living in New York City. With all the stress of modern life, find out how taking a break with tea can benefit the mind, body, and spirit.

The Ancient Sound of Guqin: We introduce one of the oldest instruments in the world, the Guqin. A new generation of players are immersing themselves in the time honored scholarly tradition, and reviving this musical culture that was almost lost during China’s Cultural Revolution.

Paper Trail: Every piece of paper has a story to tell. In Paper Trail, see how this ancient discovery continues to find a place in our modern digital world, and meet the people who still treasure the art of hand making paper.

Beauty in the East: Experience how two women are rediscovering the culture that was stolen from them during the Cultural Revolution. In stark comparison to their struggles stands the story of one Chinese girl from Taiwan, who grew up with the beauty of classical Chinese dance.


  • Tradition of Hanfu
  • Traditional Wood Work
  • Mastering Kung Fu
  • Paper Trail
  • A Toast to Tea
  • The Ancient Sound of Guqin