Music & Concert Videos Price Lists

Level 1: Low Budget ($2,000 — $5,000)



  • One full day of shooting or two half-days

  • One camera operator

  • Skeleton crew of one or two people

  • Filmed on DSLR or mirrorless cameras

  • 1-2 paid actors if necessary

  • Many production roles combined

  • Free production location or concert capture (filming a preorganized concert)


Level 2: Modest Budget ($5,000 — $10,000)


  • 1-2 days days of shooting

  • Small crew (four or five people)

  • Filmed on higher-end video, DSLR or mirrorless cameras

  • Costumes are an option

  • Several paid actors can be involved

  • Minor visual effects are possible

  • City permits may be required for outdoor shoots on public streets


Level 3: Healthy Independent Budget ($20,000 — $50,000)


  • Several days of production

  • Medium-sized crew

  • Filmed on higher-end digital cinema camera packages

  • Experienced, professional actors can be involved

  • Full production insurance is required in most cities

  • City permits are required in most cities

  • Visual effects can be a major element of the video