Travel the World: Europe

TV Series | 30 min | Travel & Culture

Travel the World is a Chinese language travel show delivering overseas viewers personal and authentic experiences by traveling to and experiencing wonderful places. NTD Nordic produced episodes highlighting traditional cultures and attractions throughout Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

World of Auction

Mini Series | 30 min | Art & History

This mini-series explores two of Sweden’s finest antiques & auction houses: Bukowskis and Auktionsverket, delving into the rich world of fine art and precious artifacts and highlights Chinese antiques and culture; is filled with insightful interviews with prominent Antique Experts including sellers and collectors of great art as they shed light on their trade and tell stories of lost and discovered art.

This insightful series allows viewers to experience and appreciate extraordinary art, gain insight into unparalleled service and expertise in the craft of collecting antiques as well as unique and real-time online bidding services.


TV Series | 30 min | Education & Culture

This incredible series focuses on top universities around the globe as the viewer is introduced to their histories, physical surroundings and standards of academic excellence. Each Episode of World of Education, focuses on a different university, introducing the University Principal and the academic staff, and students as they enrich our knowledge with the best of what their institution has to offer.

Legends Unfolding

TV Series | TV-14 | 40 min | Drama

Legends Unfolding is a joint production between United States, Canada and Europe. The series follows the lives of people who have experienced extraordinary events which have changed them and their ways of thinking as they set out on a journey to improve the ways that they interact with the world around them.

NTD Nordic provided on the ground production support through line-producing, direction and audio-visual capture and delivery in the UK and Finland for two episodes.

Legends Unfolding – Tailer

Journey to the East

Mini Series | 30 min | Culture & History

For thousands of years, art, philosophy, martial arts and innovations have been influencing the world. Journey to the East is a miniseries that introduces traditions of ancient Chinese culture while exploring contemporary China touching on knowledge of both ancient and contemporary China to facilitate cross-cultural understanding. For thousands of years, art, philosophy, martial arts and innovations have been influencing the world.